Ty Mopkins x TCOHH

March 13, 2017  |  Blog, Interviews and conversations

Ty Mopkins recently sat down with TCOHH to talk clothes, Starter and leaving hip-hop for fashion. Check out the Q&A below.
Introduce yourself to our readers?
Brand Ambassador for Mr. Alan’s
How did you get into the fashion industry, when did you know fashion was going to be your career?
When I was around 11 or 12 is when I fell in love with clothes… That’s around the time when Hip Hop first started and all of the fly shit like Adidas. Puma, FILA, and Starter had the game on lock.
What brand reached out to you and it made you proud that they noticed your hustle?
Nike and Brand Jordan… Just recently they both acknowledged how we played a part in the Starter movement… that was a real big deal for me.
How did the deal with Starter come about?
4 years ago I was introduced to Carl Banks who is the President of Starter and told him about some ideas I had and how important Starter was to the fashion culture (once again 80’s shit lol) and I would like to have a chance at bringing some out… 4 years later we have the world talking about Starter again.
When did you decide to stop making music?
Ha… I didn’t think no one would remember that… I gave that up maybe 20 years ago when fashion really became what I loved so much… Plus at that time no one was checking for rappers out of Detroit… lol… I think I made the best choice… lol
What trends would you say has helped the culture, as well as hurt the culture?
I know I keep going back to the 80’s era but that shit brought a culture together a real life movement that makes any other trend look wack but to each its own. Lol.