Tweeting Effectively for Musicians

Tweeting Effectively for Musicians

Tweeting Effectively for Musicians

3 Common Twitter Mistakes

I know it seems kind of silly to think you may need help learning how to use twitter. You’re probably thinking, “I know how to tweet, bro…I just type and hit “send.”

Technically you’d be right. How’s that working for you, though? Do people click on your links? Do you get new followers? Do people ReTweet your posts?

I made a list of the 3 Most Common Twitter Mistakes: Rapper/Producer Edition and here they are (in no particular order):

1)    Retweeting everyone who mentions you.

It shows the world that people are talking about you and think you’re sweet. Congrats. Not everyone gets that attention…but a lot of people don’t want to read what strangers think about someone. I think Eminem is great but I really don’t care if some random 19 year old in Idaho thinks he’s sweet. If you do it remember MODERATION.

2)    Tweeting Links to Everyone aka spam.

Asking people if you can send them music is Great! Tweeting THIS is not…

@TCOHHdotORG My CD Sponsored on Datpiff!! Download it FOR FREE! haha Please share with at least one person Thanks! http://www.LinkRemoved.Com …

That was a real tweet without his link (you have to pay me to promote your links!). Let’s just say I’m not the only one who got this link. Why would I share with someone? Who are you? I can get free mixtapes anywhere. The fact it’s free is not a selling point for my hard drive space.

If I follow you is my timeline going to be filled with you spamming everyone word for word copies of the same tweet? The people you send the tweet can see you do it to everyone.

3)    Buying followers aka the Shotgun method

I’ll briefly break down buying followers. Most companies just mass follow everyone and delete “people” who don’t follow back. Many of these are people who are not hip-hop fans and may not even speak English. It’s not targeted, hence the “shotgun method”.

Example: If you were promoting a new hair care product aimed at black men with curly hair, imagine handing out fliers for it in Times Square to everyone you see; Men, women, children, White, Asian, bald, etc…..That’s the mass follow approach. Mathematically you’ll hit someone in your target but how many people will you waste time/money on? Now imagine promoting the same product at a black college campus homecoming event… THAT is the method by strategically following people in your target. Do you want to meet people in the industry? Follow those people if you’re using the #FollowBack method. Find a local act with a lot of followers. Follow his fans. Many will follow back or at least check your profile page (so have a great description and working links!)

Many people buy followers. It happens and if your goal is just image then go ahead. It’s your money. But remember that because many may not care who you are and are ALSO just following you for the image of having a lot of followers they may not comment and interact with you.

What’s worse, having 1,500 True followers or having 20,000 and having 2 who reply when you tweet?


There are so many tips and ways to use twitter. There are also so many mistakes and so many great ways to utilize twitter. Remember it’s not just a promotional tool to get your new music video views. Twitter is a communication tool.

Happy Tweeting!

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