The Importance Of Copyrights

The Importance Of Copyrights




In today’s industry, our hip-hop culture is more prevalent and acceptable than ever before. Whether you’re watching a McDonald’s commercial or flipping through the pages of your favorite magazine, hip-hop has stamped its footprint on the image of our modern day society. With the advancements of technology, it’s become even easier for a new artist to gain exposure and put their music out to the masses. Through social media and hip hop websites, artists are able to create a huge fan base and gain notoriety in the blink of an eye. As quick as one becomes popular or well known in the hip hop community, it is equally important to be educated on ways to protect the longevity of your career. If you aspire to be successful, profitable and respected in the industry, knowing the importance of copyrights is a must!


Copyrighting gives an owner exclusive control to reproduce, distribute, perform and/or publicly display their work. These rights apply to publishing on the web, as well as in traditional prints. Copyright does not protect facts, ideas, systems, or methods of operation, although it may protect the way these things are expressed. This legal concept offers a secure way to gain ownership of artistic creations. The owner has power to control how and when their work is used. This law provides stability when an artist is faced with unauthorized duplications of music and/or print work. It is illegal to copy material without gaining permission or purchasing a copy from the owner. Therefore, it becomes a layer of protection, guaranteeing credit for the work you’ve created.


When you work hard to produce valuable material, you deserve to be acknowledged and ultimately compensated for your creations. By educating yourself on the importance of copyrights, you can build a solid foundation that allows for growth and security as an artist.



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Written By: JoDee Weaver for The College of Hip Hop