Planning is The Key

Planning is The Key

March 9, 2014  |  Blog

There are many steps to success and execution could be the division between making it or not.  Many artists want to release projects but often don’t think each step out before hand or set a progression schedule.  As with any goal a person needs to have a reference point or outline to keep them on track. Most artists think record the music and then put it out.

There are several variables that should be considered to give yourself the best chance at succeeding.  Many artists overlook even having a plan for their album/mixtape before recording it.  This year was the return of concept albums and artist actually having a concise direction for the project.  Kendrick’s album is a testament to prominence from planning.  He had a clear idea if what his album would be about and the story it would tell.

Planning is not just limited to the creative process.  You want to make sure that while you are making the product you take the preliminary release steps for it as well.  Budget how much all the promotional products will cost and how much the services to promote it will cost.  Nothing stops a great project from getting out more often than artists not having a concise plan on how they will get it done and out.  Think about all the mixtape/albums you have heard we coming out and have yet to be released months even years later.

Setting the standard for your release early makes your chances for success much more likely.  Remember to schedule what you will record and how long you want to spend recording (i.e. how many songs, where you will record, who will your work with, where will you record, etc.).  Set a realistic budget for all aspects of the process, beginning to end. Make sure all of you paperwork is in order before releasing.  Most importantly, once you’ve finalized your plan, stick to it as best you can.  Everything in life is subject to change but deviation from the plan breed’s mistakes.

Written by Karyn Shanks (@MeanGirlzMedia) for The College of Hip Hop

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