Own YOUR Brand

Own YOUR Brand

In an era of 360 deals and microwave stars, being in charge of your own brand has never been more important or harder to do. The machine wants to profit off of an artist in every way now.  In the past the label usually only received a percentage of record/single sales, today they want a cut of sales, shows, merchandise, endorsements & your first born.  By being the controller of your brand you can gain the most financially & mold your own image.

The all-inclusive deal (or as Kanye might call it, the new slaves deal) puts an artist at the mercy of label heads for making money. Album sales have dropped in recent years, so the labels decided to offset that revenue loss by instead making the money from the artist’s other financial outlets. Now with labels stepping into some management roles they begin to determine who they want you to be & in turn control your public perception. With labels owning more of an artist overall & having less risk because of that, they have seemingly started signing any semi-hit song instead of a long term investment as a label would have previously. The dime-a-dozen approach then makes everyone expendable.

Not having control of your brand makes you vulnerable to being changed by whoever is in control. For all intensive purposes, owning your brand is owning your life. If you aren’t in control of all aspects of your situation then you are no more than a child following directions from your parents. You may get less upfront money not accepting an all-inclusive record deal, but if you take off & make it as big as you hope to, the benefit of not having to split the income any more than necessary will be worth it.

In order to properly protect your brand make sure that all profitable en devours are legalized with the respective government agencies (trademark, copyrights, etc.). Being in control of a brand is useless if it isn’t on paper. If you aren’t familiar with how to legalize your brand please take a moment to view one of our many helpful seminars for more information. Paperwork will secure any paper worth you earn.  CONTROL YOUR BRAND! CONTROL YOUR MONEY!

Written by Karyn Shanks (@MeanGirlzMedia) for The College of Hip Hop

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