Everybody Can't Go!

Everybody Can’t Go!

Hip Hop is very much a culture of the crew. It’s always been centered on a rapper and his crew. The problem with that is that the main rapper often foots the bill. The biggest and most damaging mind-state is that desire to help the people that don’t want to do better. The people you keep around you day-to-day must also be beneficial to your grind. The average rapper can’t afford to pay for travel & other expenses for his non-productive homeboys. There will come a time where some people have to stay home.

Every artist has a bunch of friends they want beside him or her, as they get bigger and travel more. Sometimes those people aren’t necessary and cause more damage than they help. There are various reasons you might need to have a friend fall back:

1. Disrespectful
a. We all have people we know who just don’t know how to act. As your star rises and your brand grows a reckless friend could tarnish your relationships with people you meet on your path.
2. User
. Often when you are making money you want to share with your inner circle. That’s fine, but there’s a thin line between helping and enabling. Don’t become the benefactor for a clan of grown people.
3. Judas
. Success has a way of removing the cloak from the disloyal. Some people around you may actually be your enemy and could be sabotaging your progress intentionally or not.
4. Groupies
. Be it a woman or man. The groupie has it’s place in entertainment but be mindful that the groupie usually has the intention of being upgraded. It’s one thing to fall off taking care of family but a different thing entirely losing focus on “new friends.”

Every situation is different but always require the people to have a role and maintain it. Smart business people allow the team to grow as they do and help them create a lane of their own. Ludacris put his homeboy through culinary school and then made him his chef. Don’t let Lil Greg just be that forever. Everybody can’t go.

Written by Karyn Shanks (@MeanGirlzMedia) for The College of Hip Hop
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