Effective Social Media Marketing

Effective Social Media Marketing

Effective Social Media Marketing

Millions of people are using social media but I can tell you by observation that a very small percentage of them are using it correctly and effectively. It’s called “social” media for a reason. It’s about creating a conversation.

How often when you’re out with your friends are you the ONLY one who talks? How often do you only state opinions or facts and not pose questions? Not very often right? So why would Social Media be different from Social Situations?

The popular/unproductive trend in social media during the past decade (from MySpace to the Twitter age) has been spamming, which I’ll define as sending unsolicited messages to people. I don’t use twitter to find new music. I use it to communicate with friends or fans. Finding new music is just a byproduct of the conversation, just like in real life. (Imagine That!).

Plus, why would I want 10 messages an hour from you in my twitter timeline saying “Hey @YourNameHere Watch my new show! RT RT RT!” Remember what you send shows up on your timeline. I look at that before I follow people. If that’s all I see I ignore it and you.

There are so many principles to utilize in Social Media and there are some hacks and ways to increase productivity but the basics still apply. It’s all about communication. Think what worked to lead YOU to click a link or watch a video. Apply that to YOUR messages. Get Social!

By @Essince for The College of Hip Hop

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