Creating Viral Content

Creating Viral Content

Creating Viral content

The term “viral,” like many descriptive words nowadays is grossly over and misused (think “hilarious” or “amazing”) . Using the word “viral” in a YouTube video title does not make a video viral. The views, votes, and comments tell me that by looking at your numbers and if I hear about something outside of a music blog or YouTube suggested videos then I know you may be on to something.

Ok so if it’s not in the view numbers or the title…what makes something viral? Miriam-Webster defines viral as ¹of, relating to, or caused by a virus <a viral infection> and ²quickly and widely spread or popularized especially by person-to-person electronic communication <a viral video>. Viral as pertaining to a VIRUS. The best way to understand it is to think of how easily germs are spread in an elementary school. One kid gets a cold, the flu, or lice? It spreads.

So how do you make people want to share something? Simple; emotional content. People love to share experiences be it good or bad. Make them react. Ever eaten something disgusting and told someone else to try it? Ever seen the youtube videos where something scary jumps up out of nowhere? People like to be scared. Make people connect to your content emotionally and they’ll WANT to share it. There’s nothing about sitting in a mansion with bags of cash that makes me send it to a friend like “yo, you have to see this!”. But make me laugh, scream, throw up or cry and I’ll tell everybody.

It’s all about the content and the emotional connection you create with your fans.


By @Essince  for The College of Hip Hop

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