10 Steps to Profit from your Passion Chapter 1

1.   Invest In Your Dreams

We’re told to follow our dreams at an early age. The world is our oyster and we relish in what could be. Our dream is where we see ourselves in the future. It’s where we want to be as far as a career or our field of interest. Most people know what they want to be, but they don’t posses the mentality it takes to make their dreams come true—that is, the will to invest in their dreams.  

Growing up in a family full of boys, I’ve seen them go from being stellar athletes to rappers. They would go to the studio and write, then rap over a beat produced by my cousin. Of course, this encouraged others to test their skills on the mic. My youngest brother wanted to rap as well. They wouldn’t let him rap with them, for some reason I am not sure of. 

My brother didn’t allow them to stop him. He ventured out on his own and found a studio. He recorded two songs and said to me, “Kiya, you want to hear my songs?” 

Of course I listened, and soon enough, the whole house heard his music. Everyone was astonished. I was proud. I saw in him a go-getter attitude. He showed everyone the talent they’d refused to let flourish. Since I knew about his grind and work ethic, I personally invested in him. I paid for his studio time, I vouched for him, and I set up platforms so he could be seen—all because he showed me he was willing to make things work for himself. 

He asked me one day if I thought he could make it in music. All I could say was, “You are willing to do what others aren’t. They say no, you keep working—you write every day, you invest in your music, you’re even willing to get a job to help pay for studio time! That sounds like the character of somebody who will make it.” 

The point is, if you want people to invest in your dreams, invest in yourself first!


Some things to think about:

1. Identify your dreams via a vision board.

2. What steps can you take to turn your dreams to reality?